Football Conference Trust: Helping Communities Across the United Kingdom

  • Wednesday, Sep 23, 2020

The Football Conference Trust is a charity that aims to create opportunities and make a difference. Positive stories in the world of football rarely make the headlines as people, for some reason, are more interested in hearing about what footballers are doing that they should not be doing. However, we all know that football can be used for good, but we just need to get a lot better at being able to tell the stories.


Re-investing is Very Important

We all know just how much money is in the Premier League. There is a lot of money circulating in the top leagues all over the world, but the Premier League sits there at the top of the pile by quite some distance. The Premier League is the most watched league in the world which means that broadcasters such as Sky and BT are willing to pay billions for the TV rights. As such, teams that finish at the bottom of the table and get relegated to the Championship still earn close to £100 million from TV deals.

However, re-investing some of the money into communities is a main part of the Premier League’s business model. As a result, they give quite a considerable sum of money to the Football Conference, and they have agreed to hand out a considerable percentage of this money to different communities each year. The Football Conference Trust was created to manage this money and to offer each club support when it comes to growing their community work.

Clubs Can Apply for Funding

Each Premier League Club can apply for £20,000 as a 60 percent contribution to a project. In the lower divisions, the amount that a club can apply for is lower at £15,000, but the support that is given is a lot higher. To date, the Football Conference Trust has handed out just over £1.5 million for close to 100 different projects. These projects have ranged from volunteering, arts activities, disability sport teams, green projects, healthy lifestyle and eating, and working with schools to offer quality football coaching.


How Weston Super Mare Used Their Money

Weston Super Mare used the £30,000 that they received to build a youth club at the Football Club. The youth club offers an inspiring and safe environment where young people can socialise and participate in a variety of sporting activities. They have provided a place that young people can visit every Monday and Thursday evening to improve their social and team building skills. To add to this, the youth club has provided part-time and voluntary work for locals and it is hoped that the opportunities that it provides will continue to increase. The new youth club has helped to build a strong sense of community spirit.

This money comes from the top because the PFA and the Premier League knows the importance of the role that the Football Conference teams play in their local communities. So, for once, let us celebrate the good football news, and not the bad.